the wedding design process

what to expect next

Initial consultation

Our complimentary one-hour consultation will go over the details, the color palette, wedding style and your wedding vision.  Prior to meeting with us, the venue must be selected and booked.  Our consultation will include discussion of the information provided on the contact form, all aspects of your wedding ideas and all design elements.

Event Concept- Visual Proposal

Once you’ve provided us with the information with regards your wedding visions and needs, we will create a working proposal-design concept board for you, at the second meeting. This meeting will be scheduled one week after the initial consult. Once you have approved the concept design, a deposit of $1000.00 is required to complete the final revision.  This amount will go toward the balance of the concept design. We understand there will be changes and updates to initial proposal as we work towards the final revision.

Final revision

After we have completed the revisions of the event proposal via in person or email follow up, a final design concept contract will be drafted which will include your wedding needs, creative design, customization of the work. The design concept contact will be submitted to you for review and approval. The will include an itemized event revision, designed board, and event layout. Each design concept must be approved. Once all the design concept* has been reviewed approved and individually signed, we will then proceed to complete the signing of the contract along with the initial payment of 25% of the total.

Design concept review

Upon receipt of the initial payment, our services are now secured for your wedding date and you are officially a booked client of Studio1524: Floral + Event Design. We will then schedule a centerpiece sample design. Sample designs are done 3 months before the event date including a venue walk through.

Final Design Review

Thirty days before the wedding, we will conduct our final review meeting to go over all the details, wedding timeline for the bridal party flowers, event installation setups for the ceremony** and reception** and final event strike.


*Our design concepts are created solely for each individual client. The design concepts are personalized based on your vision for your wedding date. Each design concept is the intellectual property of Studo1524: Floral + Event Design and Studio1524Salon, external utilization of our designed concepts is not permitted.

**Some installations setups for ceremonies and receptions will require ample amount of time to install all the intricate parts. If this is deemed necessary, additional venue entry start times will be. This will be the responsibility of the client to procure with the venue.